Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to organize your Receipts by Return policy

Everyone wants to simplify their life, and with one app you can do just that, while re-gaining control over inconsistent store return policies: here’s how.


returnguru_welcome_receipt 20130213When Purchasing, Pay Attention

No one plans on having to return their products at the time of purchase. However, once you’ve bought an item, there are a number of things that could come up which might cause you to want to return it. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, paying attention to details such as the product description and sizing can make all the difference in having to make a return. Unfortunately, even when you’ve taken precautions such as measuring yourself or assessing a size chart, it is still easy to encounter problems with a product that might require you to return it. For instance, various clothing lines and particular pieces fit differently, which may cause your normal size to appear awkward or ill-fitted.  This and other unforeseen causes of having to return a purchase are all reasons why you should keep your receipts digitally recorded, even if you’re initially completely confident in what you’ve bought. 

Organizing your Receipts

You never know if your mind will change down the road or you’ll want to make an exchange, but keeping stacks of receipts is not conducive to those who move often, dislike clutter, or just want to keep their papers organized. When you use an application that allows you to easily keep track of your receipts just by snapping a photo, you let technology do the organizing for you, categorizing receipts by expiration date and return policy. You’ll be amazed at the burden that’s lifted off your shoulders when you free yourself of your piles of receipts. 

With one free download, you’ll be able to organize as well as track your receipts, and most importantly you’ll never have to stress over annoying store paperwork again. Once you use this simple app, you can put your receipts where they belong: in the trash.

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