Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I cheat the returnguru system to track my coupons and their expiry dates

As most of you know returnguru on my mind every single waking moment.  The potential for just tracking retail returns itself is enormous but our dream is much larger, to track my more things than just returns!  So, I've been playing around with tracking physical and electronic coupons over the last few days.

The first experiment I conducted was with Pizzicato Pizza, one of the best pizza chains in Oregon.  When you sign-up for their newsletter, you instantly get a 15% of coupon in the email.  The downside though is that the coupon expires in about a month.

My current system involves tagging that email in my account and adding a weekly reminder (towards the weekend when we usually buy pizza) that puts the coupon email in the front of the list.  However, that process is unreliable and too

So, I just forwarded the email to returnguru (receipts@returnguru.com) and the rest is take care!  returnguru will read the coupon, apply the expiry date and will keep the coupon available within the list on the returnguru App. Once April 30th arrives, the entry self-destructs to make room for more coupons, returns and warranties!  An additional benefit is returnguru will send a reminder a week or so before the expiry date so the coupon and the delicious pizza are fresh on your mind :)
 The moral of the story is: if you have a hard-time keeping track of physical or e-coupons and their expiry dates, worry no more!  Just take a picture with the returnguru App or forward the email to receipts@returnguru.com (once you register for a free account), and returnguru will take care of the rest.  Also, if you haven't tried Pizzicato, go try it right now.  Best pizza in town: its a returnguru guarantee!


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