Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I saved (or should I say "reclaimed") $35.79 at Target with returnguru?

Well folks, its official!  I saved my first wad of cash officially via returnguru's awesome, automated reminders :)
Here's the story:  We bought a boppy pillow at Target for Neev (our seven-month old boy) almost 3 months ago fully expecting to get the best use out of it.  However, the thing was sadly lying in the family room without ever being touched for the last 11 weeks or so.  Remember, we just started building returnguru service back in December?  That was when we bought the boppy pillow.  Call it a guinea pig or whatever but I did take a picture of the Target receipt and added it to my returnguru account.
Voila!!! Yesterday, exactly 5 days before the purchase expired for return reasons, I got a nice little email from our trusted returnguru servers reminding me about the boppy pillow.  Honestly, but for the reminder, we would have completely forgotten about the pillow and grudgingly kept the pillow forever!

Target's cute customer service rep Ashley not only happily accepted the receipt image on my phone (included in the returnguru reminder email), but also commented "that is pretty nifty!"

So, in summary:
  • returnguru is awesome!
  • Helped us return a boppy on-time and saved us a whopping $35.79!
  • Cute girls admire geeks that leverage returnguru :)

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