Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our first blog entry and reasons for choosing Google's Blogger Engine

Trying out the blogger outlet for returnguru's blog engine after some research.
Reasons for going with blogger:
  • Easy to launch and customize
  • Already using Google Apps for most of the backend business operations
  • Except the top bar, I was able to get the blog site to look the same as our main site at www.returnguru.com
  • Based on the comments and google's own claims, it would be an easy exercise when we are ready to host our own blog
That was extent of features I needed to get started with our blog :)


  1. They used to allow hiding of that top bar....see if you can find that feature.

  2. great tip Jeff! I initially thought about that but just assumed it wasn't possible. i will definitely look into it and get rid of the bar :)